Import Data Swiftly to Cloud Based Accounting Software


Q1. What is Easy Import? is a full featured and easy-to-use online application which will help you to transfer your accounting data in cloud application from traditional desktop software. By using this tool you will be able to move your data simply, transparently, and without any obstacles. It will cut short your need to hire IT professional and thus saves your valuable time and money.

Q2. Do I need to download and install any software in my computer?

No, you don t need to download or install any software on your computers. The specially designed application for your needs is accessible online, anywhere on the move.

Q3. What do I need to get started?

To get started you just need an internet connection and a spare few minutes to sign up at Our step by step tutorial will guide you throughout the import.

Q4. What kind of Format does Easy Import tool support?

Easy Import Tool supports files that are in XML format. Currently we have enabled supports for Tally Version ERP 9.0 and above. For Further details click (URL).

Q5. Is the Easy Import data transfer secure?

Yes, we understand sensitivity of your accounting data and maintain integrity during each step of transition. uses Secure API over internet thus your sensitive accounting data is completely safe and secure.

Q6. Is there a perquisite required during data import?

No, you need to simply keep data ready in required XML formats. Please download samples from .. (URL).

Q8. Is there any authorization required before connecting with Cloud Based Application?

Yes, you have to authorize the and grant access to data while Connecting to Cloud Based Application.

Q9. Does the verify the data being imported?

No, it s not simple. The accounting pattern is different for each client, however analyses your data before the import process begins and guide you through the entire process.

Q10. How do I Import data from Tally to Cloud Based Application?

  1. Login to Easy Import tool using your login credentials
  2. Click on Connect icon to connect to the Cloud Based application. Enter Login credentials for Cloud Based Application.
  3. A Message appears Application would like to access your company data, Kindly click on Authorize button. User needs to authorize to securely share data to Cloud Based Application.
  4. Easy Import tools securely transmits data to Cloud Based Application
  5. Click on Import icon to import tally data to Cloud Based Application
  6. Option to Select Master File appears, from where user can browse Master file for list of accounts
  7. Option to Select Voucher File appears, from where user can browse Voucher file for different kinds of vouchers
  8. Summary for imported data with their respective voucher id s will be generated

Q11. Which Versions of Tally are supported by Easy Import?

Easy Import tool supports Tally Version ERP 9.0 and above.

Q12. Whether I will be able to track the import?

Yes, you can track the import by viewing the comprehensive reports having the status of various master and voucher files imported.

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